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At MDelite Laser and Aesthetic, we are committed to providing exceptional, individualized service to all our customers. Whether you have questions about our devices, require technical support, or encounter any concerns, our dedicated team is here to promptly assist and resolve any issues. You can trust that our commitment to customer satisfaction is unparalleled, and we are always happy to lend our support in any way we can to ensure you and your patients have the best experience possible.

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Dr. Kirby Redman Testimonial

Dr. Kirby Redman

Redman & Gelinas Eye Care

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We researched whether an IPL device was right for our practice and then what company’s device was best for us to purchase. I can honestly say we chose wisely on both counts! We realized the benefits of adding RF to the IPL component, which are many. And after talking with MDelite, it was obvious we were dealing with a company who would do everything in their power to make our purchase a successful one not only for our patients, but also for our practice.

Dr. Kyle Tate Testimonial


Dr. Kyle Tate

Insight Eyecare

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MDelite has been fantastic to work with start to finish. Adding IPL combined with radiofrequency with the iProX has been an amazing offering for our patients. After six months, our patients are happier, our team is having more fun, and our profitability is up quite a bit. With the iLightPro, there are so many treatment modalities available with its different colors and infrared. Our team and patients love that the LED panels cover the entire face not just the eyes.

Dr. Kevin Tomasu


Dr. Kevin Tomasu

Hunter Family Vision

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The iProX has provided our patients with impressive results! The IPL/RF combo allows us to customize our treatment plans for each patient and achieve sign and symptom improvement efficiently. MDelite has also been very helpful in implementing this new technology into our practice. Their knowledge and expertise has been very beneficial, and they’re always ready to help. It has been a great experience overall and I would definitely recommend the iProX to my eye care colleagues.